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The new Fast Adjust adjustment system allows you to adjust the width of the leg loops within seconds: simply slide the Fast Adjust buckle along the load-bearing webbing until the harness fits perfectly. This novel adjustment system solves the tiresome problem of ends of webbing that stick out and get in the way. Thanks to the Mammut® two-part webbing technology and geometry specifically tailored to the female anatomy, the Ophir Fast Adjust Women also offers optimal comfort, extremely high breathability and maximum freedom of movement for climbing in the gym, out on the rocks or in alpine terrain.

Adjustable leg loop: Yes
Harness closure system: Fast Adjust
Special two-part webbing construction ensures maximum comfort
Innovative Fast Adjust system to adjust width of leg loops
Patented abrasion protection thanks to synthetic material on tie-in loops
4 gear loops
2 loops to attach an ice-screw carabiner
Extremely strong (4 kN) haul loop
Size XS has only two gear loops due to limited space

Item no.2020-01351
Weight [g]350


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