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The sun is just starting to set. You’ve made it to the Cima Grande ringband. The wind carries your exuberant shouts off towards the distant meadows of Misurina. Time for the descent. Our Apex Climb 25-litre pack has a close-fitting, streamlined design that lets you climb without restricting your freedom of movement. Its split shoulder straps allow great mobility, especially when reaching for high holds, while the Twin Compression System keeps the load and your centre of mass stabilized for better balance on slabs and small ledges. The roll-top design with aluminium buckle closure and direct side access allows you to get at your gear quickly and easily at the (hanging) belays. Together with the Twin Compression System, it enables good volume reduction, keeping the pack close to your back. The air permeable Dry Back Contact carrying system provides outstanding ventilation and together with the EVA padding with air flow channels, works to keep your back drier. Naturally, the Apex Climb offers both secure rope and double ice axe fixation, a hydration system exit and side loops to attach gear while on the go. And to make sure it’s capable of taking plenty of abuse, we make it from high-tenacity, durable and abrasion-resistant 210-denier ripstop nylon ROBIC®, which is 60% more tear-resistant than standard pack fabrics and capable of withstanding hard hauling. A 25-litre, lightweight technical climbing pack for sending alpine objectives where you want a little more volume.

  • Hydration System Exit
  • Ice-Pick/ Pole fastening
  • Rope fastener
  • Aluminium closure buckles
  • Ice axe holster
  • Direct access from the side
  • Room to stow harness
  • Twin Compression System (TCS)
  • EVA pads with 3D channel ventilation
  • Split shoulder strap
  • Roll Top
  • Ice axe fastening
  • Chest strap
  • Poket for value
  • Compatible with Salewa flask holder
  • Double ice axe fastening
  • Side attachment loop



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