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Mad Rock’s iconic Flash has finally gotten a total redesign. The Flash’s blend of comfort, durability, and performance has lead to its embrace by multitude of climbers. Over the years, the flash has been the subject of raving reviews and has won many accolades. So what could we do to make it even better? By mixing this time tested classic with our science proven innovations. The tradition leather upper has been combined with Synflex, a synthetic stretch material, to offer performance while maintaining a consistent plush fit. We’ve redesigned the 3D molded heel to maximize friction. The Flash 2.0 will also be the first climbing shoe on the market to incorporate Shock Gel to reduce the impact force on the heel. A everlasting poly-carbonate midsole give the Flash 2.0 a consistent and predictable flex through out the life of the shoe.
Classification: All Around Performance
Closure: 2-Strap
Stiffness: 3
Shape: Asymmetric
Midsole Material: Poly-Carbonate
Midsole Thickness: 1.8mm
Sole: Flat
Sole Thickness: 3.8 mm
Upper Material: Synflex and Premium Leather
Footbed Material: Premium Leather
Midsole shape: AES-1
Rand: R2
Rand Thickness: 1.8 mm
Heel: 3D Molded PHH
Weight: (US 9) 230g
Sizes Available: 3-13, 14, 15